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  • Fintech Innovation


    Fintech Innovation

    Let me help your next innovation garage within a FinTech environment.  Mentoring, facilitating, accelerating and incubating FinTech projects.
  • Big Data Marketing


    Big Data Marketing

    Consultancy to help you realise your businesses Big Data potential. Find out why Big Marketing, Analytics, Hadoop, BI, Big Analytics, Data Management, text analytics and Systems Architecture are becoming so important in increasing sales, profits and customer engagement. The future of Automated Behavioral Targeting via Real-time personalised marketing is now a reality.
  • Big Data Analytics


    Big Data Analytics

    Boost Sales Using Predictive Analytics. Let me guide your business choose the right technology to match the best product offers to your offline or online customers, and shape content marketing across multiple channels to increase sales, profits and optimised customer engagement.
  • Mobile and App Strategy


    Mobile and App Strategy

    Consultancy service to help create your business Mobile or Tablet App strategy and implementation project plan.
  • Digital Strategy


    Digital Strategy

    Over time CMO agenda has evolved within the digital world which has driven the need for digital strategy and innovation to a new level. Let me help your business scale up digitally to meet the new consumer expectations and innovation demands. Ensure your business is always improving customer experiences across all its digital channels and […]
  • Digital Optimisation


    Digital Optimisation

    Digital Experience Optimisation (DXO) consulting or commonly known as Customer Experience Optimisation (CXO) is the practice of increasing digital transactions while building loyalty in a digital landscape – by delivering the experience your customers expect you can tailor highly personalised user experience by deploying A/B or Multivariate (MVT) testing.

About Me

Hello, my name is Daniel Easterbrook. I am a consultant with over 12 years experience online. I have been keeping up with digital trends, digital innovation, FinTech, banking, mobile payments, mobile banking, filtering the noise and helping financial services organisations and companies like yours put digital marketing, digital strategy, social media, mobile marketing, digital commerce, predictive analytics, big data and customer experience optimisation to work for some time now.
The digital consultancy services I offer enables senior management or board level executives understand and exploit the full potential of digital and mobile marketing enterprise in order to increase brand equity or company value globally.
This is all so you can create a amazing user digital experiences and customer centric propositions online for your organisation.

  • daniel_easterbrook
    Daniel Easterbrook
    Consultant & Director
    Commercially minded digital marketing specialist with a digital commerce focus in building profitable companies with customer experience optimisation and innovation.

“The way in which we communicate and consume media is changing dramatically. Follow me on twitter to find out what impact this is having on digital marketing, social media, search marketing, geo marketing, digital commerce, and how these channels are evolving, and what the future might hold with Big Data, Big Marketing and Real-Time Predictive Analytics which is now a reality is changing the face financial services firms with FinTech advances around the global challenging the status quo in retail banking, mobile payments, mobile wallets and digital currencies. ~ Daniel Easterbrook

Digital Consultancy

Using a range of data sources we provide analysis that will scope new markets, clarify business objectives, identify customer needs and behaviours, and evaluate the competitive landscape. From standalone digital marketing audits to comprehensive digital due diligence reports, our team of analysts identify both short- and long-term opportunities for your business to enhance its competitive advantage.

Big Marketing, Big data analytics, predictive analytics along with FinTech Innovation Garage, social media and Mobile and Tablet adoption, are transforming IT and the way companies do business. As a result, they are also impacting the products and services IT channel companies offer their customers.

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It’s critical that companies start formulating strategies to take advantage of new media. Much of the traditional media industry has changed dramatically. Newspapers have all but gone away as a primary source of news. Now, people control when, how, and how much content they consume digitally and when on the move.

Secondly, consumer buying habits have shifted dramatically. Consumers are relying on peer influence more and more to make buying decisions. Social networks and the advancement of mobile devices allow us to have conversations on a real-time basis in a way like never before. This is why data-driven marketing and predictive analytics have become essential in any digital marketing strategy no matter the size of your business or budget.

There are also key centers of influence online from bloggers to sites where consumers make reviews like eBay, Yelp and Amazon. By actively using social media, you can listen to the conversations, take part, and leverage these conversations to engage your clients. In recent times website and omni-channel Customer Experience CX and Customer Experience Optimisation CXO, or commonly known as Digital Customer Optimisation DXO, has started to to fuse with social and other digital channels to offer your customers a better online user experience and improve brand loyalty without having to push the ‘hard sell’ approach of the past. You can offer better customer service, more relevant product or service offerings based on behavioral or predictive indicators to compete in an ever diversifying and competitive digital landscape.

So think about…

  • Somebody is speaking about you and your business now Manage it.
  • Somebody needs what you are off­ering Make it available.
  • Somebody is searching for your products or services Make it easier.
  • Somebody is using social media to engage your clients Adapt.

I can provide the strategy, insights, implementation, and integration to create an Multi-Channel Marketing Plan or Roadmap for your organisation or client/s.

For my professional career history visit my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile

Business Strategy Consultancy

An experienced digital business professional, with strong commercial mind and proven strategic planning and digital commerce experience in B2B & B2C financial services, banking, investment platforms/wraps, pharmaceutical, travel, retail and IT/telecoms industries with accountability for budget’s ranging from £300k-£5m. I have extensive digital & mobile solution management experience in taking a concept to market delivery, with experience in producing and delivering digital marketing, customer experience optimisations, online & mobile research/insights, and marketing acquisition & retention strategies for blue chip, Fortune 500 & FTSE companies. I am recognised for creative problem solving, proactive attitude and always delivering beyond expectation with a strategic background and understanding of business drivers and the importance of innovation to output commercial success.

To learn more about me, my consultancy services, and how you can use digital marketing to build your brand, contact me and let’s start the conversation.

The Lowdown – My career history

Daniel helps forward-thinking companies and individuals reinvent their brands, create global expansion, and grow their businesses by implementing web strategy marketing into existing business development initiatives. Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, FinTech advocate and business professional with some of his companies been featured in leading national magazines and publications.

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My professional history

Have any web projects that need a marketing lift? To get the conversation started, Contact Daniel Here


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Digital Consultancy Services

Please find the digital consultancy services I can offer your business whether an SME or Global Enterprise.
I can provide strategy, planning, analysis and evaluation harnessing digital data, technology and experience.
Additionally I offer business strategy and planning services helping your business
Harness the Power of Digital.
Big Data Marketing

Maximise customer relevance and response using Big Data. More Information

Big Data Analytics

Target the best campaigns to the best customers for the best outcomes using Predictive Analytics. More Information

Mobile and App Strategy

Seamlessly create mobile and tablet app strategies and processes across channels. More Information

Fintech Innovation

Let me help your next innovation garage within a fintech environment.  Mentoring, facilitating, accelerating and incubating FinTech projects coaching and assisting business SME with capability uplift,  providing start-up training as part of the project , using JTBD, story boarding and agile project managment techniques. More Information

Digital Strategy

Develop digital transformation strategies for strong multichannel experiences. More Information

Social Media Marketing

Understand how and if your should use social media in your business More Information

Digital Experience Optimisation DXO

Conduct thorough and continuous optimisation across digital channels. More Information

Customer Experience Optimisation CXO

The customer experience optimisation CXO method is one of iterative improvement and is effective because it is driven by real life behaviour, rather than what people think they want. It also has the attraction of enabling a website to evolve to meet the unique needs of your customers and optimised to your range of products or services. More Information

For all my consultancy engagements
I strive for a High ROI for all my clients.

Daniel Easterbrook – Consultancy Services

Client & Testimonials from LinkedIn

  • In the time I worked with Daniel, I found him to be hard working and a reliable stakeholder to the organisation. Out of all the assets a company could have, Daniel would be at the top of the list, for his pure integrity and loyalty.
    Matthew Myers - Senior Speechwriter at Regional Development Victoria
  • I worked with Daniel at Swann Communications for about 2 years in marketing department. During that time I find Daniel is an easy going person and fun to work with. He has good interpersonal skills, talented, technical savvy & has broad knowledge in lots of fields. It has been great opportunity to be able to work together with him.
    Virda Tasani - Creative Director at Virda Design
  • Daniel is knowledgeable, resourceful, creative and enthusiastic. I enjoyed working with him. He is definitely an asset to the company.
    Edmond Tern - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Daniel is a talented marketer that has a valuable knack to get things done. He is an expert at mar comms, e-marketing and marketing strategies for the web. I was sorry he moved overseas and left our employ. I recommend him to other employers.
    Jeremy Stewart - Vice President, Global Marketing at Swann Communications
  • Daniel is conceptually clear, Creative, Come out with lively ideas.  Maintain good relation ship with inter departments and pretty focused on end objectives. Daniel is an asset to any organization.
    Saiju Kp - Sr. Retail Manager - Lower Gulf at Axiom Telecom

Agency Lab

Through Radium Digital I can offer the following digital outsourced services for your business or
digital agency with access to some of the brightest and talented digital and web experts globally.
Contact me directly for a detailed Agency Lab cost proposal.


  • On-Page SEO recommendations for website redesigns
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Competitive audits and research
  • Link building
  • SEO analytics and reporting


  • PPC Management on Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • PPC audits and optimal media spend analysis
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Ad copy development
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Multivariate & AB split testing


  • Content strategy & execution
  • Content audit and gap analysis
  • Corporate blog strategy and management
  • Content creation including: web copy, eBooks, blogs, infographics and marketing collateral
  • Email marketing
  • Video production


  • Social media strategy and network analysis
  • Social network lead generation & ROI analysis
  • Cross-Platform community management
  • Social media advertising
  • Influencer outreach & relationship building
  • Social network content development


  • LinkedIn Sponsored Posts & content advertising
  • YouTube video advertising
  • facebook advertising
  • twitter advertising
  • Digital display advertising
  • Remarketing


  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Landing page design and development
  • Multivariate and AB split testing
  • Goal-path analysis & optimisation
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Data analysis and reporting


  • TBA


  • TBA

Agency Partners

Contact Me

I will endeavor to reply back to you within 24 hours, although this could be up to 48 hours if on-site overseas with a client.
Please allow 72 hours before contacting me again if you have not received a reply as all communication is important to me as a potential client.
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20-22 Wenlock Road, London,
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Australia Office Address
38C Church St Brighton, Victoria,
Australia 3186
Please complete online form to the right to contact me
My Phone
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Consultancy Hours
Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM
Registered Office address:
Trading as DanielEasterbrook.com under Radium Communications Ltd group Registered in England & Wales No.08316675

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    Daniel Easterbrook LogoI am a consultant with over 12 years experience online. I have been keeping up with trends, digital innovation, filtering the noise, and helping companies like yours put digital marketing, digital strategy, social media, mobile marketing, ecommerce, mcommerce and customer experience optimisation to work for some time now